Background technique

Existing artificial stone in particular, single color fabric artificial quartz stone granite plate method old-fashioned, two-color multicolor textures market unnatural, poor stability, low productivity, mainly hand-cloth method. Existing artificial stone in particular granite plate artificial quartz stone automatic cloth is stirring rod or mixing blade artificial stone mandatory truck mounted concrete boom pumps pre-nip or scratch to the die cavity press belt in order to achieve the fabric process, some material process The color and grain texture messy scraping or blowing flowers, texture unnatural, poor stability.

Device Description

Concrete placing machine for bi-block sleepers endless production line, the 4 × 1 bi-block sleeper mold for concrete placing. Concrete placing machine Siemens PLC controller and Germany SEW variable frequency drive technology, with emergency brakes and cleaning device, safe and reliable equipment, easy to clean, easy maintenance. What concrete placing boom is manually The so-called manual is a common and concrete walks pump built with the use of a mechanical device. Its mission truth through useful and concrete pumps coupled to reach the goal of pouring the concrete wall. Manual placing boom to alleviate the efficiency of all aspects of construction workers labor intensity and advances carry a very major effect!

Manual concrete placing machine uses a 360 ° forward and reverse reverse, reverse radius can be any medical treatment, proper height of the tower, just pull the rope seriously, who can arbitrarily change the fabric side, so it is an efficient, reliable, economical combination it features. Use pressure consecutive walks along the pipeline concrete machinery. Its hydraulic and mechanical power transmission two. Hydraulic mission truth is: trivial via hydraulic pressure to promote the piston movement to come and go. After piston shift suction, via Y-shaped tube concrete cylinders concrete pressure pipes when pushed forward into the walks. After the end of pumping concrete with high pressure water pump and clean atmosphere or shrink tube walks. Concrete pump displacement, depending on the number and diameter concrete cylinders, piston velocity and concrete cylinders come inhalation volume efficiency. Concrete placing boom is pumping concrete Self loading Concrete Mixing Station for sale in china terminal equipment, and its role is to be pumped through a pipeline to the inside of the concrete pouring for a template member. Category: hydraulic fabric machine, manual fabric machine (also in 12 meters, 15 meters, 18 meters three kinds) Synthesis movement consists of two parts consisting of a turret radius can cover all the cloth fabric points.


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